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Thomas Piketty Is Pulling Your Leg

        Piketty ain’t no Marxist, but he definitely read Marx’s work extensively and was influenced by it. I mean, look at the title of his book. This should be obvious. To hell with the U.S.’s anti-Communist/Red Scare sensibilities.

Howie Hawkins for NY

        Earlier today, Brian Jones announced his candidacy for New York State lieutenant governor. Jones and Hawkins are seeking the Green Party nominations in this year’s elections. Both are workers and long-time activists from the NYC area. Support ‘em if you can; I will.

NYU Puts Hold on New Orders of JanSport Merchandise

Another victory for SLAM and USAS!!

Earlier today, Arizona State also decided to end their contracts with JanSport and VF Corp (parent company) for failing to sign the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety.